Catfish Species 101: Finding, Catching and Identifying Different Catfish

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American anglers are quite lucky to live amongst so many awesome freshwater gamefish.

Whether you prefer casting for largemouth bass in Georgia, pulling pike through the ice in South Dakota or trolling for chinook in Oregon, there are surely great fishing opportunities within a short drive of your home.  

But many anglers are beginning to expand their horizons and chase after fish they’d previously ignored; and catfish are one of the best examples.

Yet while catfish are certainly a worthy (and delicious) quarry, many anglers are unfamiliar with these bottom-dwelling fish and the methods used to catch them.   

We’ll dive into the principles and concepts of catfishing, as well as the basic facts about the most popular species to give you a better chance of hauling up a few of your own.

Be sure to share your own tips, tricks and strategies for catching catfish in the comment section – they may just help a fellow angler catch a few more fish.   


Preparations The Night Before The Opening Day  

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Opening day has a special place in the heart of hunters. Fond memories of first bucks, campfire, rotary in the tradition of hunting with family and friends are normally established around opening day.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the state with the most registered hunters in the country, opening day is marked by children getting the day off from school! It is great for getting kids started with hunting.

It’s arguably the best opportunity for a hunter to kill that hit list buck, target a wily ole tom, or chase a huge bull elk through the high country. Seeing as many hunting seasons are shrinking across the country, you have to make the most out of your opportunities! 


7 Deer Baiting Tips & Techniques

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In some parts of the country, baiting is synonymous with hunting. In others, hunters believe that if you’re using bait, it means you’re fishing! 

Baiting is an extremely controversial issue among hunters. There are merits on both sides, and that debate is for another day, it can’t be denied that baiting works.

There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of products on the market aimed at getting deer underneath your tree stand. They all work, to varying degrees of efficacy, but here are some tips and tricks to make them all work a little better this coming season. 

Review: Vortex Viper HD Spotting Scope

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The Vortex Viper is one of the three spotting scopes that Vortex creates. It is a mid tier optic that is unique enough to avoid middle child syndrome. It comes in 15-45x65mm and 20-60x80mm.

It seems purposely built for the hunting grounds, and the 15-45x magnification is friendlier to hunters. It’s built for rough and hard environments, it’s meant to be packed on long hauls, and designed to take a beating. It meets the needs of hunters quite well.

Review: Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod

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The world of fly fishing gear is saturated with specialty items, especially when it comes to fly rods. The problem is, the more specialized it is, the more expensive it becomes.

Luckily, Redington flipped this concept on its head by releasing a fly rod that is both highly specialized and affordable — the Redington Classic Trout.

Saltwater Vs Freshwater Reels – What Is the Big Difference? 

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Although most anglers ply their craft in broadly similar ways, there are a few significant differences between those who fish in freshwater and those prefer fishing in the sea.   

Saltwater anglers, for example, must often fish deeper and with much more robust gear than their freshwater counterparts, and they often employ different strategies, tackle and techniques in their pursuit of fish.

But one of the biggest differences between the two boils down to the water itself.  

Most reels are perfectly capable of handling a bit of freshwater inside the gear mechanisms, but saltwater can quickly ruin reels not built to withstand it. Accordingly, most saltwater anglers prefer to use reels specifically designed to withstand salty water.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels In 2017: Top 4 Reviewed

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Selecting your next saltwater spinning reel can be a daunting task.

  • How do you tell if model A is better than model B?
  • Will the reel you like handle the fish you are targeting?
  • Are you getting a good deal?

These are but a fraction of the 100’s of questions I imagine are dancing around in your head. Let us make it a little easier for you by explaining what to look for, which features are a “must have” and how to compare one reel to another.

Finally, we will provide you with our choices for the best option in four of the most popular categories.

The reel is one of the most important aspects of your fishing rig, and the one you select determines whether or not you have a full creel or empty hooks.

Your reel provides more than a place to hold your line – it also assists in casting and…