Review: ATN NVB5X-2 Night Vision Binoculars

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Unlike normal binoculars, NV binocs can’t have something crazy like a 20 power magnification.

Instead, you are typically isolated to less than 5 power. At the same time, they are the clearest option for magnified viewing. They are clearer and provide a wider field of view than NV monoculars.

NV field glasses are often expensive because it uses two separate intensifier tubes to provide two-eye outputs. ATN avoids this by offering a single eye output. This reduces the cost significantly. I’m talking several thousand dollars cheaper than two-eye output options.

One of the best sets of night vision binoculars is the ATN NVB5X-2. They provide a very clear and very consistent picture. Plus, they’re affordable.

Guide To Picking The Best Night Vision Binoculars w/ 3 Reviews

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Best for the Money 

ATN NVB5X-2 – Full Review


ATN is well known for making high-quality optics and accessories. They make a wide variety of night vision optics; and for the money, their gear is some of the top-notch.

The ATN Night Vision Binocular 5x-2, or ATN NVB5X-2, is a powerful pair. It is a  Gen 2+ optic that is designed perfectly to fill a hunting, a tactical, or a simple observation role.

Can You Hunt With Airgun In Your State? (Laws & Regulations )

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Airgun hunting steadily gains popularity over the last decade. Spurred by numerous factors like a lack of available 22 LR, tons of new shooters, and better airguns than ever; it seems airgun hunting is here to stay.

Before anyone begins with the sport, it is critical to understand airgun hunting laws. Federally, there are no laws regarding airguns and airgun hunting. But the differences come from various states.

Compiling every state’s air rifle laws is a long process and it may be inaccurate since it changes. So we’re going to point out what to look for regarding laws in your state.

Review: Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Goggles

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Night vision goggles lets you own the night. They enable people to easily walk, shoot and even drive small recreational vehicles in the middle of the evening without the need for white light sources.

These are especially popular for hunters. With the rise of the feral pig, many states are relaxing their rules on hunting these critters and allowing people to shoot at night.

How To Choose A Youth Compound Bow w/ 3 Reviews

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One of the greatest traditions in bow hunting is passing it on. This means introducing the next generation to the joys of chasing animals with archery tackle, and using woodsmanship and keen skill to take the game.

The downside is that many hunters must wait for the right time until they’re able to use a full-sized bow that is strong enough to kill the game at a distance.

The answer here is to look towards the new breed of youth compound bow models that offer several advantages such as reduced overall weight, reduced pull weight, and other features that can help new hunters enjoy archery sooner and a lot more.

How To Choose a Best Night Vision Monocular in 2017

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Armasight Spark Core


If you’re aiming for a monocular that gives a clear picture at a particular budget, you’ll be thankful for the Armasight Spark Core.

If you’ve never shopped for an NV monocular, this model may seem expensive. But it is actually affordable especially that it is produced by a well-known and well-respected brand.

CORE Technology

This is a Generation 1 optic so it still has the limitations of the technology. It needs significant ambient light, and an IR illuminator is an absolute must for overcast nights…