How To Choose The Best Rod Holder For Your Needs

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Some fish are best pursued with a “shotgun” strategy, which requires you to put more than one lure in the water at a time. Other fish are typically caught while using only a single rod, but you need a boatload of patience while you wait for them to find your bait.

In both cases, you’ll have a lot more success (not to mention fun) if you have a few high-quality rod holders for support when you want to do other things while waiting. There are different ways to mount them and materials used so you need to spend some time deciding which ones are suited for your needs.

Selecting The Best Spotting Scope in 2017 w/ 5 Reviews

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If you are into birdwatching and other naturalist activities, hunting, and shooting, a spotting scope is something that you may need and want to spice up your hobby with. Unlike the usual telescopes and binoculars, it has added optics to give you a sharper focus and wider view.

So how do you choose the scope that suits your activity?

How To Choose Airsoft BBs? – Answered!

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You will be surprised with the number of options available for your airsoft rifle. From optics to rail systems and accessories, it can be both mind blowing and intimidating.

Choosing your ammo is a critical component to successful playing and weapon longevity as well. This is often overlooked by new airsoft players. Understanding various ammunition weight, type, and quality is an important factor to consider before you hit the field for a game.

In the modern airsoft world, 6mm pellets are essentially the only option for gas, AEG, and spring guns on the market. The difference in ammunition comes from the type and…

How To Cast a Fly Rod, All You Need To Know

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When most anglers think of fly fishing, they tend to envision a fisherman standing in the middle of a large river rolling out 70-foot casts to distant lies. In fact, that image is picturesque and at the same time accurate since many of the famous fly fishing streams are indeed large rivers.

Consequently, due to the popularity of big water fly fishing, fly rod and reel manufacturers now produce fast action rods and large arbor reels almost exclusively.

Feed The Deer, Not The Varmints!

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Hunters across the world are constantly looking for ways to improve their chances to harvest animals. We look for new technology, equipment, and even clothing to get more opportunities to hunt successfully.

One great invention is deer feeders. Many hunters have stumbled upon this great product and as they set it up, they already imagine big bucks on their walls.

They wait anxiously to see their trail cameras after the initial setup, only to face a huge disappointment to find out that all of their feeds were eaten — not by deer, but by varmints!