Best Catfish Rods in 2017: A Buyer’s Guide

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At some point, nearly every angler is compelled to try catching the catfish living in the local reservoir, river or pond.

But catfishing occurs in different flavors and there is more than one way to catch a cat. So it is important to decide what type of technique you enjoy.

For example, many anglers love sitting with nothing fancier than a spinning rod and a pack of hot dogs, trying to catch a stringer full of small channel cats. While others use high-quality rods and a $30,000 boat to wrench 40-pound monsters up from the depths.

And obviously, there are an infinite number of variations between these two extremes.

All of these approaches are fun and no style, technique or gear is intrinsically better than the other. But that doesn’t mean some things – mainly different catfishing rods – aren’t better suited for some situations than others.

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