Best Surf Rods in 2017: A Buyer’s Guide

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Whether you are fishing for buckets full of croakers or targeting the largest cobia in the cove, fishing is always more relaxing when there is sand between your toes and seagulls in the distance.

Surf fishing allows you to catch a wide variety of species, using different lures and baits, without the need to access a boat or pier. It is also a great way to combine family time with fishing time, as most kids love the activity (at least, for a while).

You might have to assist with casting and hook sets for young kids but that’s a small price to pay for the chance to introduce them to the world of fishing. Besides, there’s always the chance that they hook something particularly delicious or noteworthy.

But to have any reasonable chance of success from the shore, you need some gear designed specifically for the job. Start your gear collection by first selecting a good surf rod.


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