6 Best Rangefinders Reviewed In 2017 w/ Buying Advice

Read article here: https://outdoorempire.com/best-rangefinder-reviews-advice/

Have you ever missed a shot by shooting over the back of a deer? How about used the wrong club and blasted your golf ball right into the rough? A rangefinder might help next time by giving you an accurate measurement of how far away you are from your target.

Laser rangefinders work by sending out a laser, bouncing off an object and seeing how long it takes for it to be returned to the unit. It’s a high-tech piece of equipment that until only a few years ago was relatively uncommon for the average shooter, hunter or golfer to have.

For better or worse they’ve exploded in popularity and are now considered a vital piece of equipment. Why not? They make it easier to get an ethical shot on the game or school your golf buddies on the fairway.

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